Why do I need an easy local vanity number?

Local Vanity NumbersAlong with vanity 800 numbers, businesses are finding out that it pays many times over to have an easy local number for customers to remember. It becomes a “snowball” effect where one company gets an easy local number and then other companies see it and take one.

There are thousands of easy local numbers still left. The key is to get one that is local to your area. The area code is one important item of course but the next 3 numbers really determines the city, town or close by area that the number is located in.

Lot’s of customers know the various exchanges in their town and it’s an important key to getting more calls from potential clients. Let’s say that someone is locked out of their home. If they can recognize the local exchange and feel it’s close by, then that’s the number they will call first.

More and more the importance of an easy local becomes apparent. There are more places where a number needs to be listed. Not just a truck, but on websites and social media outlets such as facebook. The more times a local vanity number is imprinted in people’s minds then the more likely a call will come in when your services are needed.

What are the best words to use. Well if you’re a locksmith then words such as OPEN – FAST – KEYS are good. Plumbers use CLOG – FLUSH – ROTO etc. Lawyers use HELP – HURT – PAIN – CRASH. Numbers such as these bring in new clients everyday for professionals.

The advantage of a local number is many fold. This list would include the fact that you as the owner of the number do not have to pay for the calls that are coming in. Unlike an 800 number where the owner of the number pays for calls.

There are benefits to both a Local and an 800 number but for some professionals, especially those needed to have a local appearance, then the local vanity numbers are best.